wildlife extinction

How to Help Prevent Wildlife Extinction and Save the Northern White Rhino

Due to an increase in damaging human activity and excessive poaching, wildlife extinction rates have skyrocketed in recent decades. Among the unfortunate species currently battling extinction, you will find the beautiful northern white rhino. For years, scientists have been trying to save this unique creature from total extinction. However, it’s proven to be quite difficult…

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white rhino extinction

White Rhino Extinction: Is Reversing Extinction Possible?

Although the term has come to develop highly negative connotations, extinction is a natural occurrence. In fact, species go extinct all the time. However, humans aren’t even able to record or witness these extinctions because we aren’t even aware of the species in the first place. It’s a natural part of every species’ life cycle…

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northern white rhino poaching

Northern White Rhino Poaching: Why Are They Going Extinct?

Even though they once roamed all across several countries in Central Africa, today there are only two northern white rhinos left. Najin and Fatu, both female rhinos, live under 24-hour surveillance in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. You might be wondering how this ended up happening, and the answer actually goes back over a…

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Male Northern White Rhino Extinct

Male Northern White Rhino Extinct, Only Two Females Left

As climate change, urbanization, poaching, and pollution keep claiming wildlife, we are seeing several different species being lost to total extinction. Among them, the northern white rhino finds itself near the end of the rope. With the male northern white rhino extinct, there are little to no chances left to save the species from disappearing…

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Why Is the Northern White Rhino Near Extinction?

As poachers continue to go unchecked, several endangered species across the world face total extinction, the northern white rhino among them. This widespread problem, propelled by the high demand for rhinoceros horn, has pushed the northern white rhino near extinction, posing a heartbreaking scenario for conservationists everywhere. This has been a sad event that’s been…

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